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Hi there!

Welcome to my WWW page about Douglas Adams. I've enhanced the work I've done in school with help of some pictures I've been collecting.

You may press the button, i.e. most of the pictures to get the source file in JPEG format and feel happier and happier. ;)

Admittedly some of the pictures are not of high quality as they were scanned from photocopies of newspaper articles, but if you have some pictures of higher quality, don't stay idle, but let me know immediately!

I have to confess that the style of the text is
a) not really funny as it was a "serious" work I did for school (and I got 13 out of 15 for it, hey! ;), and
b) one of a German pupil, but that's just something you have to cope with.

If you have any comments, suggestions, contributions, etc.. or if you'd simply like to say hello or anything, feel free to e-mail to


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Index: "Douglas Adams - a science fiction writer?" ...

The sources I used...
..and now showing: The Unfindable and Very Rare source
Carl R. Kropf - Douglas Adams's "Hitchhiker" Novels as Mock Science Fiction

Due to popular demand, here it comes again: (in 1042 lines)

The whole work as ASCII file

Other things related to DNA...

Thanks must go to:

Douglas Adams
The reason why I wanted to thank him temporarily slipped out of my mind
The British Council, Cologne
Especially to Maureen Coan who helped a lot with research
Family Fuß
for sofa and great efforts printing the Whole Thing
Christian Weiss
for keeping this page in his home directory for 1 year
Luitpold-Gymnasium München
for the chance to do this work and for digitizers
Johannes Schmid
who did some scanning as well
Florian Kirstein
for my *first* e-mail address I ever had
Mathias Maul
for his Ultra-Complete Index to the HHG
Nathan Hughes
for The Douglas Adams Worship Page and maintaining the FAQ
Nathan Torkington
for formerly maintaining the Douglas-Adams-FAQ with bibliography
Everyone else in alt.fan.douglas-adams
for friendship and moral support (?)

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