Frequently Asked Questions

Q OE-QuoteFix appears to work correctly - i.e. my automatically inserted signature is moved, the quote header gets modified, etc. - but when I send off the message, the quoting is still messed up. How come?
Please follow the instructions in the usage section. Your wrap column settings in Outlook Express are incorrect. You must use the same setting in OE and OE-QuoteFix; at least, you mustn't use a higher wrap column in OE-QuoteFix than in OE.
See [usage - options (message composition)]

Q OE-QuoteFix processes only some of my messages. Sometimes, it appears that it doesn't do anything, i.e. my signature isn't moved, the attribution lines are not changed, I get messy quoting, etc. And when I look at the log list, it says "skipped" instead of "processed". What's wrong?
It is very likely that your computer reacts too slowly and OE-QuoteFix tries to grab the text from the window when it isn't there yet and thus thinks there is nothing to process in that window.
The problem can usually be solved by increasing the 'Message Composition Init Delay' in Advanced Options. The default value, which usually works well for computers with at least 650Mhz, may be too low for your setup. Try 500 or even more. On a P-133, for example, it has been reported that delay values of 1500 work well.

Q Why do the links have the same color as the surrounding text? Shouldn't they all be blue or some other color?
No, they were colored on purpose, because I like it like that. If you don't, you're free to change the style sheet.
See usage - options (viewing)

Q Coloring does not work - or it only works sporadically.
Try enabling CMode in the viewing options, especially if you are using OE5.

Q There is an uninstaller listed in the start menu but when I click on it, it's not there and Windows tries to search for it. How come?
You uninstalled OE-QuoteFix and then reinstalled it to the same directory without rebooting in between (although the uninstaller told you not to do so). The next reboot killed the uninstaller.
If you intend to install to the same directory anyway, do not uninstall, simply install over the previous version. Don't worry, it doesn't result in a mess, the installer will clean up everything beforehand.

Q OE-QuoteFix works perfectly with email but news messages never seem to get processed. It always says "skipped" in the log list. Why?
It is very likely that your version of OE was modified; perhaps you are using a patched version of inetres.dll to modify the quote header?

Q The links do not get colored the way they look in the styles preview - i.e. they remain blue/purple. What can I do?
You probably need to increase the 'OE Reaction Delay' in advanced options. For very slow computers, settings as high as 1500 may be necessary.

Q Why isn't there a signature delimiter in emails?
OE does not add a signature delimiter to emails - and rightly so: There is no 'standard' that describes what an email signature has to look like. If you want to use something like "-- " for your email signatures anyway, simply define two signatures, one with "-- " as the first line for email and one without it for news (since it is added automatically by OE).

Q Does OE-QuoteFix work with Outlook 2000/XP?
No, it doesn't. Outlook is a different program that is not 'compatible' with OE.
Download my Outlook-QuoteFix to get some of OE-QuoteFix's functionality for MS Outlook!

Q Couldn't OE-QuoteFix use a different format for time (%t) in custom email quote headers?
The format I am using is the one OE uses in its default quote header - and that's where I get it from. It is not parsed, and parsing it would mean that the various versions (and perhaps even translations) of OE would have to be differentiated.
And since it's not that important to me and I don't have much time, it will remain the way it is.

Q I get the error message "The Microsoft Layer for Unicode could not be loaded" when running OE-QuoteFix. What's wrong?
Your Windows installation lacks some files which MSLU (unicows.dll) is dependent on. You can use a dependency check application to identify the files that are missing.
If you cannot find out which files are missing, download v1.15.5 of OE-QuoteFix, the last version that didn't use MSLU.

Q What language was OE-QuoteFix written in?
It was written in C++ - the compiler used was Microsoft's Visual C++.

Q OE-QuoteFix inserts two empty lines at the top - why?
Because you have selected options that imply top posting, probably without knowing. Read [usage - options (message composition)]

Q When using %t in my custom headers, the date appears in English. Since I am using a non-English version of OE, is there a way to get the date in <my language>?
Yes, there is. Uncheck [Tools - Options - Send - International Settings - When replying to message always use English headers].

Q Can you make OE-QF take care of the "begin " bug in OE?
No, this problem cannot be addressed given the approach taken by OE-QF.
Anyway, I don't consider this as a major problem, because after all, the posts of people who take advantage of that bug in order to annoy users of OE are hardly worth your time. Tell them to grow up, will you?
If you must know what these people are saying, use Ctrl+F3 as a workaround.

Q Recently, OE has started crashing on me while editing a message. Usually, it happens when I press enter. Is OE-QuoteFix responsible for this?
No. Microsoft has introduced this bug with the cumulative update Q810847. To check whether you have this update installed, locate mshtml.dll and check its version. If it's 6.0.2800.1141, then you have the buggy version. To solve the problem, check the MS site for updates that may correct the problem. If none are available, you will have to downgrade by reinstalling IE without Q810847 or by manually replacing mshtml.dll.
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