• OE-QuoteFix colors messages according to the level of quoting automatically as you view them from within Outlook Express (all colors are adjustable).
  • No more messy quoting in messages you send (see example above)
  • The quoting is fixed automatically and requires no user-interaction whatsoever. All you have to do is work with Outlook Express as you normally would.
  • Quoting of Quoted-Printable, Base64 and even HTML messages is finally possible.
  • All quote characters can be standardized, i.e. converted to your preferred quote character.
  • Compressed Indentation, which many users probably prefer, is possible:
    >>>> This is indentation level 4 with compressed indentation
    > > > > This is indentation level 4 without compressed indentation
  • The quote headers can be modified.
    You can either keep the standard header,
    ----- Original Message -----
    From: "John Smith" <smith@nowhere.net>
    To: "Dominik Jain" <djain@gmx.net>
    Sent: Sunday, March 17, 2002 5:39 PM
    Subject: Re: OE-QuoteFix Test
    "John Smith" <smith@nowhere.net> wrote in message
    reduce it to a short and clean header,
    John Smith wrote:
    John Smith <smith@nowhere.net> wrote:
    define your own header, or remove it altogether!
  • OE-QuoteFix allows you to move your signature to the bottom, i.e. below the quoted message
  • The sender's signature can be stripped on reply
  • Get RFC compliant signatures at all times by using the ISO-8859-x signature fix (relevant for OE versions prior to 6.00.2800.1123)
  • OE-QuoteFix can reformat messages you receive from others as you view them in Outlook Express
  • Empty lines at the beginning and end of the quoted message are removed.
  • When editing messages, the cursor can be either moved to the top or bottom of the message (above the signature).
  • When viewing messages, OE-QuoteFix can show implied font styles in the intended way, i.e. *bold* will become bold, _underlined_ will become underlined and /italics/ will become italics.
  • OE-QuoteFix can show plain-text emoticons/smilies using images (fully customizable).
  • OE-QuoteFix allows you to use random signatures