Known Issues

  • On some (mostly slower) computers, OE-QuoteFix may fail to process a message without displaying an error message.
    See Usage - Advanced Options - Message Composition Init Delay to solve this problem.
  • OE's spell checker does not work correctly when OE-QuoteFix is running - unless the option for ignoring original text is disabled (OE -> Tools -> Options -> Spelling -> uncheck: always ignore the original text in a reply or forward). Alternatively, you could select the text you want to check and invoke the spell checker manually (by pressing F7).
  • If the 'coloring (experimental)' feature is enabled, you will not be able to undo OE-QuoteFix's processing of message composition windows. Instead, the coloring will be undone.
    Moreover, when you click send, an extra line break will be inserted at the end of the quoted text, which is not visible while editing.
  • Problems with the (beta) reformatting feature:
    Paragraphs could be mingled, i.e. line breaks that are supposed to be there will be removed because OE-QuoteFix thinks that it is a false line wrap that needs to be fixed. If you come across such cases, please send me the corresponding message as an attachment (.nws/.eml file).
    Secondly, the Reformat feature has its own URL recognition. Certain links may not be detected. For example, only FTP links with the ftp:// prefix will be clickable with 'Reformat'. For supposed links such as, you will have to cut & paste.
  • Cursor positioning only works for replies, because the cursor is not in the editor window but in the 'To:' field at the beginning when forwarding or editing a new message. In forwards, the cursor will therefore be positioned at the bottom when you switch to the editor window using tab. The same applies to new messages if the ISO sig fix is enabled.
    It is best to use the mouse (instead of tab) when changing from the input fields at the top to the message edit window in order to get the cursor in the desired (top) position right away.
  • (When using the clipboard, which you should not be using) Sometimes, OE-QuoteFix may paste the contents of the clipboard into the message composition window instead of the modified message. I have no idea what is causing this (it never happened on my computer), but it has been observed that this problem is temporary and goes away after restarting or whatever.