• OE-QuoteFix works with OE 5.x/6.x and Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/ME/XP.
    If you are using Outlook, not Outlook Express, you need Outlook-QuoteFix.
  • MS Active Accessibility (MSAA) must be installed for the coloring to work. Don't worry about this now; chances are, you already have it installed. So instlall the program first. It will display an error message in case you don't have oleacc.dll, which is part of MSAA. If you get that error message, proceed as follows:
    If you are using Win95, download and install Note that this file is intended for the English version of Windows 95. It can be installed on other language versions but that will cause some standard dialogs to be displayed in English.
    For other Windows versions, check your Windows CD or search this site for oleacc.dll:
  • The ISO-8859-15 encoding patch by Denis Liégeois must be installed for the ISO-8859-x signature fix, which is only relevant for OE versions prior to 6.00.2800.1123, to work. Check the downloads section of the OE-QuoteFix homepage.