The material (text, pictures, sounds and MPEG/QuickTime/SGI-movies) on this site is provided for your own personal use only. I consider all of it quotations, since I don't claim to have come up with it myself.
In most cases I don't exactly know whom to credit, but if those people give me the necessary data I'll gladly add it to the WWW-pages.

The quality as compared to the originals is so low that it can hardly be of any professional use to anyone, therefore there is no financial loss involved for the owners of the copyright. Furthermore I think the advertising effect of providing this material to the net is an advantage for its creators, that exceeds possible disadvantages by far. (due to the low quality of the material (as compared to the original source) it can only raise interest in the original, but never satisfy it.)

However if anybody still feels, that I have violated her or his copyright, I will of course immediately remove the material from the net.

If you think this interpretation of the copyright situation is fatally incorrect, send e-mail.
Andreas Paul 10-06-1994