MWC Program Guide by Dean Adams

A Perl script is used to convert the original guide into HTML-format. The script creates the indexes, links and individual episode details. The only thing that is not automatic is this contents page. Enjoy!

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Credits (by Dean Adams)

Many thanks go to Jim Dean, who acted as the chief beta tester and proofreader for this guide and in addition contributed the sections on Top of the Heap, the lost show, and centerfolds. Also, thanks to Jim Trethewey who did a great job capturing and digitizing the MWC logo screen for the cover page, Brian Neale and John Lavalie for filling in missing air dates, and Dennis Kytasaari for the last few missing titles...

Note: you may freely distribute this guide in electronic form for personal use, provided it is distributed in it's entirety, and with all original author and copyright information intact. Any sales of this document are expressly forbidden, without the specific consent of the author.

[ Copyright (c) 1996, Dean Adams. All rights reserved. ]

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Credits (by myself)

Perl Script by Paul Sutton:
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